Manager of short rent buisness (up 2000€/month)

gautas 2019 Jun 11
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We are one of the biggest provider in Lithuania of short rent accommodations, and we are searching for a manager for a part time job
The job consist in 2 main parts:
1) part online (from home or whenever you want) could last 1-2 hour max in a day and consist in:
Management of web renting platform as and booking
Organization of t he reservation through google calendar -Communication with clients using whats app
Manage payments with terminal POS
Management of all expense, and income gotten using Excel
Use of Airbnb and Booking platform
Management of utilities expense of apartment using EXCEL
if necessary, searching for new cleaners and new apartments
2) Practical part ( vilnius Old Town) consist in :
Resolution of all potential technical problems ( broken forniture, problem with pipes or eletrics)
Control of the cleaners and their job 1 TIME for week
Check counters of eletricity , water and gas of apartments once a month
Doesnt exist any working time fixed. Is necessary be online with whichever device between 09.00 and 24.00 and be always ready to answer by messanger in case a client send a message or a request to book an apartment.
The part online of work must to be done every day, . it s simply enough has a working ipad and each time you receive a message by whats app or messanger, form a client, you simply answer and in case somebody answer , you insert the reservation in our google calendar.
The practical part of work is payed a part equal to 15€/hour and concern the resolution of all problematic connected with the apartments ( damages, problems with structure, logistic, electricity and water). My manager should be able to fix all situation and damages
Salary is based on 3 parts:
1) Fixed part 700€ for the online part
2) 15€/hour for practical part
3) bonus: the amount in % of increasing of the enterprise monthly income over 18000€ gross, it ll correspond to an increasing of manager s fixed salary for the equivalent % .
25.000-18.000= 7000€
7000€ is equal 38,88% of increasing income
700€ 38,88% of 700€= 281€
Total 700€ +281€= 981eur for online part
Work is technically easy but intensive and full of responsibility and things to remember .
We are looking for a person who know how is working booking and airbnb, who speak fluently Russian, English and a 3rd language, who is not afraid to speak with clients and resolve the potential problem in the apartments
Period of learning is payed 5€/hour and it last 7-14 days, 6hours / day.
Send CV with picture to [email protected]

Mūsų reikalavimai
Fluent english and russian, usefull also polish or other language
living next to Old Town.
know how to use excel, google calendar, whats app, airbnb and booking
resolving problems skill, flexibility, ability to adapt and avoid problems, ability to discuss and deduct solutions

Mes siūlome

solid job with possibility to grow up and enter in a successive moment as investor of the buisness.

NurodymaiSusisiekite [email protected]
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